About MULA

We're a tech-enabled financial planning firm with a committed goal of helping people to retire well!

What do we mean by 'retire well' ?

Well, we want to help you grow your wealth and ensure your wealth is protected for you to achieve your financial goals.

Our mission

Our mission is to guide individuals, like yourself, toward financial goals for a comfortable retirement.

Our seasoned coaches, equipped with deep industry insights, work hand-in-hand with advanced technological tools to create a tailored experience for you.

Your dreams drive our commitment. Let's embark on a journey where your financial goals become realities, together!

Blend of Tech and Human Insight

At MULA, we combine both technology and expert human knowledge. Technology is great, but we know human smarts make a real difference. You can count on us for trustworthy financial coaching to make your retirement dreams come true.

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We Take Your Privacy Seriously

Over 4,000 customers trust us with their data. Here’s why:


Meet the Core Team

We are a diverse team of talents sharing the same vision to help you reach your retirement goals.

  • Azril Ikram, IFP, CFA

    Azril Ikram, IFP, CFA


  • Leng Sheng Hong

    Leng Sheng Hong

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Priscilla Yong, CFP

    Priscilla Yong, CFP

    Head of Financial Planning

  • Sherlyn Kweok

    Sherlyn Kweok

    Head of Operations